Thursday, December 20, 2018

2019 Merit Badge Seminar

We ​are ​very ​pleased ​to ​announce ​the ​Troop ​9 ​Merit ​Badge ​Seminar at Holy Cross School, Champaign, IL on March 1-2, 2019.  Registration will open on Monday January 21, 2019.

To view the class schedule click here.

Before registering please make sure that you fully read the guidelines below.

We ​are ​very ​excited ​to ​see ​you, ​ 

Troop ​9 

To ​register ​your ​troop ​you ​must ​identify ​one ​person ​(your ​registrar) ​to ​register ​your ​entire ​group. ​ ​All ​fees ​will ​be ​combined ​and ​billed ​under ​this ​registration. ​ ​Only ​the ​adult ​designated ​by ​your ​troop ​as ​registrar ​should ​register ​scouts ​for ​MBS. ​Parents ​should ​not ​register ​their ​scouts ​independently. 

1) ​Your ​Troop ​advancement ​contact ​name ​and ​email 
2) ​Attending ​Scout ​names. ​ ​Scouts ​must ​be ​registered ​with ​their ​actual ​names, ​NO ​NICKNAMES. 
3) ​Attending ​Scout ​age, ​rank, ​and ​if ​they’ve ​earned ​the ​First ​Aid ​merit ​badge. 
4) ​Attending ​Scout ​classes 
5) ​Attending ​adult ​names, ​cell ​phone ​number, ​email 
6) ​Attending ​adult ​classes 
7) ​Attending ​adult ​volunteers 
8) ​On ​Site ​adults ​who ​are ​not ​registering ​for ​classes ​or ​volunteering 

STARTING ​YOUR ​REGISTRATION: ​With ​your ​first ​registration ​provide ​your ​name ​and ​email ​as ​the ​registrar. ​ ​Online ​registration ​will ​open ​at ​6:00 ​AM ​Monday ​January ​21, ​ ​2018. ​ ​Please ​DO ​NOT ​register ​before ​6AM. ​ ​All ​registrations ​before ​6AM ​are ​automatically ​deleted ​by ​the ​program ​when ​the ​event ​goes ​live. ​We ​have ​no ​control ​over ​this. ​ 

ADULT ​ATTENDANCE: ​Each ​Troop ​MUST ​HAVE ​AT ​LEAST ​TWO ​ADULTS ​registered ​and ​in ​attendance. ​ ​Scouts ​attending ​individually ​must ​have ​an ​adult ​registered ​and ​in ​attendance. ​ 

ADULT ​REGISTRATION: ​Any ​adult ​taking ​a ​class ​MUST ​BE ​REGISTERED ​with ​the ​troop. ​ ​This ​includes ​any ​adult ​taking ​the ​Adult ​CPR ​class. ​Class ​fee ​includes ​lunch. 

ADULT ​VOLUNTEERS: ​In ​order ​to ​follow ​BSA ​two-deep ​leadership ​guidelines ​in ​classes, ​we ​ask ​each ​Troop ​coming ​to ​the ​Merit ​Badge ​Seminar ​to ​REGISTER ​AT ​LEAST ​ONE ​ADULT ​LEADER ​to ​sit ​in ​on ​at ​least ​one ​class. ​ ​They ​will ​not ​be ​expected ​to ​assist ​in ​teaching ​the ​class, ​but ​will ​be ​there ​to ​provide ​an ​adult ​presence ​in ​addition ​to ​the ​instructor. ​ ​The ​registrar ​may ​designate ​themselves ​or ​register ​another ​adult ​as ​the ​volunteer. ​ ​Lunch ​will ​be ​provided. ​ ​Registering ​volunteers ​in ​advance ​helps ​us ​coordinate ​& ​communicate ​with ​them ​more ​effectively. ​ ​If ​a ​Troop ​has ​additional ​volunteers, ​please ​register ​them ​as ​well. ​ ​We ​thank ​you ​for ​your ​help ​in ​making ​the ​Merit ​Badge ​Seminar ​a ​success ​for ​the ​Scouts. 

ADULT ​ON ​SITE: ​All ​adults ​must ​register. ​ ​Additional ​adults ​that ​will ​be ​on ​site ​but ​NOT ​take ​classes ​and ​NOT ​volunteer ​should ​register ​as ​an ​adult ​on ​site. ​ ​Lunch ​will ​be ​provided. 

WAITLIST: ​There ​is ​NO ​WAITLIST ​on ​classes. ​ ​Classes ​will ​continue ​to ​show ​in ​the ​dropdown ​menus ​until ​they ​are ​full.

DO NOT CLICK FINISH until you have registered all Scouts and Adults in your troop

Classes will continue to be visible in the drop down lists until they are full.  Registration closes February 17, 2018.

Adults attending classes: $10
Adults volunteering: $5 (includes lunch)
Adults not attending classes: $5 (includes lunch)
Scouts before Feb 15: $35
Scouts after Feb 15: $40
Lunch is included for all attendees

REFUNDS: Refunds are only allowed if an attendee cancels before February 17th by 11 p.m. either by accessing your account using your password or contacting by email.  A service charge of $5 will be deducted from the refund amount.  Refunds will not be allowed on registrations completed after February 17.

SUBSTITUTIONS: As in past years, in the event a registered Scout is unable to attend the MBS, another Scout from his Troop may attend in his place taking his classes.  Changes to the class will not be allowed.

$5 per person
The gymnasium is available for Troops needing Friday night accommodations.
Bring your own sleeping gear.
Shower facilities are no longer available.
Breakfast is included.

A la carte Breakfast will be available Saturday morning
Pizza lunch is provided and included in the cost.
Additional lunch items will be available for purchase.


  1. I am confused. I see E prep is a 4 hour course but the sign up only shows a 2 hour slot available in the afternoon.

    Also with 4 hour classes that show two 2 hour slots does that mean the scout will be in the class all day are on slot?

  2. Quick question: There appears to be a typo in the announcement. The first line says "Registration will open on Monday January 21, 2019", but then under "STARTING ​YOUR ​REGISTRATION" it says "Online ​registration ​will ​open ​at ​6:00 ​AM ​Monday ​January ​15, ​ ​2018". I'm assuming the correct start date is the 21st, but it would be nice to have a verification on this. Thanks!