Klondike Derby 2017 Report

By Jack Williamson

This Klondike Derby was a very eventful one as we had the most scouts at a Klondike in a very long time. It was very cold so I believe the new scouts received their polar bear patch and we had a lot of fun.

Setting up camp was a difficult process because we had to teach the younger scouts what to do but they caught on quickly. We only used one dining fly which surprised me. For dinner we had grilled cheese which kinda becomes a theme.

The entire day we had to pull a sled around. Luckily we had wheels. The events were tricky but we figured them out. The junior scoutmaster coffee patrol won the compass award. Along with the compass event there were others events like fire starting, first aid, slingshots, and more.  For lunch we had grilled cheese again.

The race had 5 heats not including the final race between the winner of the first 5 heats.  Each of our patrols were eliminated in the first round. It really was fun!

After the race we all went back to camp and changed into clean clothes. Then we went to the dining hall where Father Mike had mass. For once it was a short one.

It was very cold which affected morale negatively.  However the troop pulled thru and everyone who stayed two nights got their polar bear badge.

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