Troop 9 meets weekly at Holy Cross Church, typically from 7-8:30pm on Mondays in the Parish Center at 407 West Clark Street in Champaign.

For more information about the Troop, our activities, or to join, contact our Scoutmaster using the link below.


Senior Patrol Leader
Makenna W.
                  Nate F. (Assistant)

Patrol Leaders
Elite G.O.A.T. Force: Duncan O.
                                              Vacant (Assistant)
Golden Guinea Pigs: Garrett U.
                                              Vacant (Assistant)

Troop Positions
Chaplain’s Aide: Vacant
Den Chief: Vacant
Historian: Vacant
Librarian: Vacant
OA Rep.: Vacant
Quartermaster: Vacant
Scribe: Michael M.
Webmaster: Vacant

Brent West (contact)

Assistant Scoutmasters
Brett Ritter
Amanda West

Officers, Chairs, and Coordinators
Chartered Organization Rep.: John Farney
Committee Chair: Nate Oliveira (contact)
Committee: Anthony Frasca, Chris Lehmann, Jim Linnenburger
Committee Secretary: Amanda West
Treasurer: Jim Linnenburger
Advancement Chair: Vacant (contact)
Outdoor Activities Coordinator: Vacant
Religious Emblems Coordinator: Karen Easton
Equipment Coordinator: Vacant
Membership Coordinator: Vacant
Event Planner: Vacant
Training Coordinator: Vacant
Technology Coordinator: Vacant
Merit Badge Seminar: Vacant (contact)