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Leader Resources

In order to deliver the promise of Scouting, youth and adult troop leaders need to plan a program that is involving, challenging, and FUN!

The Troop Leader Resources website is filled with videos, action photos, useful information and practical ideas, to help make it easier for youth and adult troop leaders to present a Scouting program that is fun with positive outcomes.

Program Features consists of 48 themed modules to help make program planning easier for troop leaders. The mix of topics—outdoor, sports, health and safety, citizenship and personal development, STEM, and arts and hobbies—provide the kind of variety, adventure, and increasing challenge every unit needs to keep members coming back while also facilitating advancement.

Patrol Leaders Council

The PLC is the troop’s elected and duly appointed governing body. Resting on their shoulders is the planning, preparation, and presentation of the troop’s Scouting program. It’s up to them to see that the promise of Scouting is delivered. Though this might appear to be a daunting proposition, with the proper training, they can gain the required tools and skills needed to run things in a fashion that results in a thriving program benefitting all the members of their troop.

Training Resources

Every Scout deserves a trained leader. Make the Scouting program better and more fun for youth so they stay in Scouting longer, and have a larger impact on their lives. Make leadership roles easier, more rewarding, and with better retention among adult leaders.

A trained leader is knowledgeable and more confident in the role being performed. Trained leaders exhibit a knowledge and confidence that is picked up by people around them. Trained leaders impact the quality of programs, leader tenure, youth tenure, safety, and a whole lot more. A trained leader is better prepared to make the Scouting program all it can be!

To take Youth Protection training go to My.Scouting.org and create an account or sign in. Click Menu then My Dashboard from the menu list. The My Training page displays to take Youth Protection training. Upon completion, you may print a training certificate to submit with a volunteer application. Your training will automatically be updated in our system and associated with the member ID/reference number issued when you created the account.

Troop Resources

A number of guides have been developed by Troop 9 leaders over the years. These include meeting planners, event planners, patrol files, and PLC notes. You can request access to the files for the Key 3 (Scoutmaster), Scouters (Adult Leaders), and Scouts.