Wednesday, January 24, 2018

2018 Klondike Derby

The 2018 Klondike Derby is this weekend January 26-28

Troop 9 Scouts will compete in Scout Skill activities in program areas at Camp Drake.

The day ends with the big Derby Race where each patrol races their sled down the plateau.  It's a ton of fun to watch!

Permission slips and packing lists were emailed last week.  You can find them linked below.

Departure Plan:
Friday January 26
Load trailer: 5:00pm
Hit the road: 5:30pm (approx)

Return Plan: 
Sunday January 28, 9:00am (approx)

Current Roster
We have 15 Scouts on the roster with 8 adults attending.  The roster will be emailed.

Permission Slips & Medical Forms
Scouts must have permission slip, payment, and parts A & B of the BSA medical form completed and turned in by the time we leave Friday or they may not participate in the event.

Weather and Packing List
It is supposed to be in the 40's and probably rainy.  Here are some additional packing suggestions:
  • Pack your gear in a plastic tote to keep clothing dry
  • Pack your sleeping bag in a small garbage bag to help keep it dry
Extra gear to pack:
  • Rain boots / galoshes
  • Extra pairs of thick wool/polyester blend socks to change throughout the weekend (at least 4 pairs)
  • Poncho or rain coat with a hood
  • Rain pants
  • Warm hat to wear under your hood
  • Extra pair of gloves to wear after the Derby events

Link to Packing List

Link to Permission Form

Link to BSA Health Form

Link to How to Sleep Warm

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Ski Trip - February 2018

Troop 9 is heading up to Devil's Head Resort on Friday February 9 to go skiing.  The trip is open to skiers of all levels and their families.

The cost of the trip will be $90 per scout, $100 per adult who ski, $40 per adult not skiing, and $20 to stay an extra night.  This includes ski rental, lift ticket, and lessons for those skiing.  It also includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday. We will stop on Friday night for dinner and scouts will need to pay for that meal.

The trip will be a 4.5 hour drive from Champaign to Reedsburg, WI.

The troop will be staying in the Super 8 in Reedsburg, WI.  We will prearrange a set of hotel rooms and occupants for all participants ahead of the trip.  Typically we will appropriately assign four people to one room.

The troop will ski at Devil's Head Resort. This is about a 30 minute drive from the Super 8.

Contact Info:

Super 8 Address: Super 8, 1470 E Main St, Reedsburg, WI 53959
Super 8 Phone: 608-524-2888
Devil's Head Resort Address: Devil's Head Resort, S 6330 Bluff Road, Merrimac, Wi 53561
Devil's Head Resort Phone: 800-472-6670


Friday 3:00 PM - Depart from Holy Cross. Some drivers may depart later.
Dinner - Each vehicle will stop on their own for dinner on the way up. 8:30 PM - Arrive at Reedsburg, WI Saturday
Breakfast - Hotel will provide breakfast. 8:00 AM - Depart for Devil's Head Resort
9:00 AM - Lifts open
Lunch - Troop will provide lunch in the lodge. 5:00 PM - 8 hour tickets expire
5:15 PM - Mass
6:30 PM - Travel back to the hotel
Dinner - Troop will provide dinner at the hotel.

Sunday Breakfast - Hotel will provide breakfast. 9:00 AM - Depart Reedsburg, WI Lunch - Each vehicle will stop on their own for lunch on the way back.
1:30 PM - Arrive in Champaign, IL


Friday dinner: Eat on the road.  Participants should bring money to buy their dinner.
Saturday breakfast: Breakfast at the hotel.
Saturday lunch: Sandwiches, chips, fruit, and drinks will be provided by the troop at the resort.
Saturday dinner: Pizza at hotel.
Sunday breakfast: Breakfast at the hotel or eat on the road.

How to dress for skiing:

short-sleeve t-shirt
long-sleeve shirt
outer jacket / shell (something wind & water repellant)
wind / water proof pant
long underwear
full length socks

That will provide you with enough cover for any weather conditions.  I expect you will start out cold, but as the day progresses, you will end up in just your t-shirt under your outer shell.  Be prepared to adjust several times during the day.  You probably won't need the sweater at all during the day, but best to be prepared and you might wear it at the end of the day if everything else is soaked through with water.  Also, remove layers as needed to avoid sweating.  Anything getting you overly wet will make you cold and miserable.

Pants should be some sort of wind / water proof pant.  Long underwear can be worn underneath if you're cold.  Be sure to strip layers if you're too warm to avoid sweating.  On a warm day, I typically end up wearing just the wind/water proof pant.

Socks should be a single pair of full length (not ankle length) sport sock.  Don't double up, it only restricts circulation.  When you put on your boots, make sure there are no wrinkles in the sock.  Wrinkles also restrict circulation and can also cause muscle cramps.

Forecast is predicting very warm temperatures, so expect that whatever you ski in will be soaked at the end of the day.  Bring a full change of soft, comfy clothes to the resort to change into after skiing.

Finally, for new skiers, I recommend to bring a pair of "throw-away" gloves if this is your first trip.  Beginner slopes sometimes use a "rope-tow" to get skiers to the top and that will tear up gloves after a few hours.  Also, due to expected warm temperatures, I suggest everyone bring a spare set of gloves so you can swap if one pair gets soaking wet.

In general, wet clothes lead to cold bodies, and that's no fun at all.  Staying dry is essential to enjoying this outing.  Feel free to ask any questions.  The only dumb question is one never asked.

What to bring:

  • Change of clothes
  • Warm socks (2 pair)
  • Weatherproof jacket
  • Gloves
  • Warm hat
  • Long underwear
  • Winter boots
  • Ski/snow pants
  • Swimsuit
  • Sunglasses/goggles (goggles on sale at Dick's for 40% off right now)

Monday, January 8, 2018

2018 Merit Badge Seminar

Homework Update:

Homework and Pre-requisites are available by clicking HERE.  Please be sure your Scout comes to the MBS prepared with all necessary homework completed.


Registration is now available at  Please do not start your registration before 6 AM on Monday ​January ​15, ​ ​2018 or your registration will be deleted. 

As a reminder here is the class schedule. And before registering please make sure that you fully read the guidelines below.

If you have difficulties logging onto the link, please delete all cookies and try again. The other option is to try another computer or device that was not used to try and register.

If your email is already shown and it asks for a password from last year (and you don't remember it), just click on "start a new registration" under the email box.

Please mail a check (payable to BSA Troop 9) to:

BSA Troop 9 
c/o Mike Clapper
1550 North C.R. 350 East
Sadorus, IL 61872 . 

Please include a copy of your invoice and make sure the check includes  An attending Adult's Name, Council name and Troop number. This will ensure that your registration is processed properly. 

Payment must be made ahead of the event.  No payments will be accepted the day of MBS.

Checks should be mailed no later than February 16th.

Thank you.


We ​are ​very ​pleased ​to ​announce ​the ​Troop ​9 ​Merit ​Badge ​Seminar at Holy Cross School, Champaign, IL on March 2-3, 2018.  Registration will open on Monday January 15, 2018.

To view the class schedule click here.

Before registering please make sure that you fully read the guidelines below.

We ​are ​very ​excited ​to ​see ​you, ​ 

Troop ​9 

To ​register ​your ​troop ​you ​must ​identify ​one ​person ​(your ​registrar) ​to ​register ​your ​entire ​group. ​ ​All ​fees ​will ​be ​combined ​and ​billed ​under ​this ​registration. ​ ​Only ​the ​adult ​designated ​by ​your ​troop ​as ​registrar ​should ​register ​scouts ​for ​MBS. ​Parents ​should ​not ​register ​their ​scouts ​independently. 

1) ​Your ​Troop ​advancement ​contact ​name ​and ​email 
2) ​Attending ​Scout ​names. ​ ​Scouts ​must ​be ​registered ​with ​their ​actual ​names, ​NO ​NICKNAMES. 
3) ​Attending ​Scout ​age, ​rank, ​and ​if ​they’ve ​earned ​the ​First ​Aid ​merit ​badge. 
4) ​Attending ​Scout ​classes 
5) ​Attending ​adult ​names, ​cell ​phone ​number, ​email 
6) ​Attending ​adult ​classes 
7) ​Attending ​adult ​volunteers 
8) ​On ​Site ​adults ​who ​are ​not ​registering ​for ​classes ​or ​volunteering 

STARTING ​YOUR ​REGISTRATION: ​With ​your ​first ​registration ​provide ​your ​name ​and ​email ​as ​the ​registrar. ​ ​Online ​registration ​will ​open ​at ​6:00 ​AM ​Monday ​January ​15, ​ ​2018. ​ ​Please ​DO ​NOT ​register ​before ​6AM. ​ ​All ​registrations ​before ​6AM ​are ​automatically ​deleted ​by ​the ​program ​when ​the ​event ​goes ​live. ​We ​have ​no ​control ​over ​this. ​ 

ADULT ​ATTENDANCE: ​Each ​Troop ​MUST ​HAVE ​AT ​LEAST ​TWO ​ADULTS ​registered ​and ​in ​attendance. ​ ​Scouts ​attending ​individually ​must ​have ​an ​adult ​registered ​and ​in ​attendance. ​ 

ADULT ​REGISTRATION: ​Any ​adult ​taking ​a ​class ​MUST ​BE ​REGISTERED ​with ​the ​troop. ​ ​This ​includes ​any ​adult ​taking ​the ​Adult ​CPR ​class. ​Class ​fee ​includes ​lunch. 

ADULT ​VOLUNTEERS: ​In ​order ​to ​follow ​BSA ​two-deep ​leadership ​guidelines ​in ​classes, ​we ​ask ​each ​Troop ​coming ​to ​the ​Merit ​Badge ​Seminar ​to ​REGISTER ​AT ​LEAST ​ONE ​ADULT ​LEADER ​to ​sit ​in ​on ​at ​least ​one ​class. ​ ​They ​will ​not ​be ​expected ​to ​assist ​in ​teaching ​the ​class, ​but ​will ​be ​there ​to ​provide ​an ​adult ​presence ​in ​addition ​to ​the ​instructor. ​ ​The ​registrar ​may ​designate ​themselves ​or ​register ​another ​adult ​as ​the ​volunteer. ​ ​Lunch ​will ​be ​provided. ​ ​Registering ​volunteers ​in ​advance ​helps ​us ​coordinate ​& ​communicate ​with ​them ​more ​effectively. ​ ​If ​a ​Troop ​has ​additional ​volunteers, ​please ​register ​them ​as ​well. ​ ​We ​thank ​you ​for ​your ​help ​in ​making ​the ​Merit ​Badge ​Seminar ​a ​success ​for ​the ​Scouts. 

ADULT ​ON ​SITE: ​All ​adults ​must ​register. ​ ​Additional ​adults ​that ​will ​be ​on ​site ​but ​NOT ​take ​classes ​and ​NOT ​volunteer ​should ​register ​as ​an ​adult ​on ​site. ​ ​Lunch ​will ​be ​provided. 

WAITLIST: ​There ​is ​NO ​WAITLIST ​on ​classes. ​ ​Classes ​will ​continue ​to ​show ​in ​the ​dropdown ​menus ​until ​they ​are ​full.

DO NOT CLICK FINISH until you have registered all Scouts and Adults in your troop

Classes will continue to be visible in the drop down lists until they are full.  Registration closes February 17, 2018.

Adults attending classes: $10
Adults volunteering: $5 (includes lunch)
Adults not attending classes: $5 (includes lunch)
Scouts before Feb 15: $35
Scouts after Feb 15: $40
Lunch is included for all attendees

REFUNDS: Refunds are only allowed if an attendee cancels before February 17th by 11 p.m. either by accessing your account using your password or contacting by email.  A service charge of $5 will be deducted from the refund amount.  Refunds will not be allowed on registrations completed after February 17.

SUBSTITUTIONS: As in past years, in the event a registered Scout is unable to attend the MBS, another Scout from his Troop may attend in his place taking his classes.  Changes to the class will not be allowed.

$5 per person
The gymnasium is available for Troops needing Friday night accommodations.
Bring your own sleeping gear.
Shower facilities are no longer available.
Breakfast is included.

A la carte Breakfast will be available Saturday morning
Pizza lunch is provided and included in the cost.
Additional lunch items will be available for purchase.