Hike the River Ridge Backpack Trail

 Lookout Tower Here We Come! 

NOTE: The trip has been postponed.

The Troop is hiking at Forest Glen Preserve to test our backpacking skills and enjoy some beautiful scenery! We will hike the River Ridge Backpack Trail using map and compass and the backpacking training from our last meeting. After we successfully navigate the trail, we will relax around the campfire. 

Come for just the day, for a single night, or both nights. But, be sure to RSVP so we can Be Prepared! 

Dates (weather dependent): Friday, March 19, 2021 - Sunday, March 21, 2021
Cost for Hiking Friday and/or Saturday: Free
Cost for Optional Camping: $10 per person per night
Required Forms: Activity Consent Form (youth) and Annual Health and Medical Record (youth and adults). A new health form is not required if you have provided it to the troop within the past year and have no changes.
Forms and Payment Due: Thursday, March 18
Please provide your own meals and transportation.

Required Gear
Two face masks
Two water bottles (32 oz / 1L each)
Comfortable hiking shoes (water-resistant hiking boots strongly encouraged)
Water shoes or sandals (for crossing streams)
Extra socks and hand towel
Backpack (no string bags)
Hand sanitizer

Additional Gear Required If Camping
Large, comfortable backpacking pack capable of holding a tent, sleeping bag, and personal gear
Meals and snacks (dehydrated meals strongly encouraged and can be obtained from Dick's Sporting Goods)
Deodorant and other personal care items (travel sized items strongly encouraged)
Standard camping gear (consult the backpacking checklist)

Backpack Inspection and Obtaining Troop Gear
We will meet at the HCS Playground on Saturday, March 13 at 10:30am to provide Troop gear for you to pack, including a tent and campfire pot for your hot water needs. Please bring your backpack and sleeping bag so that we can check that the gear fits.

Water and latrines are available near the campsites and at points along the trail. As a true backpacking activity, Troop gear such as patrol boxes, stoves, cookware, and utensils will NOT be provided unless you obtain it for your backpack on Saturday.

Packing Tips
Be sure to pack any gear needed to eat, sleep, clean up, and stay warm. However, space is limited in your backpack and you will carry every ounce of weight for several miles on the trail, so plan your gear carefully. Split gear between family members (e.g., one person carries the tent, the other carries the food), and reuse items whenever possible (e.g., stuff your jacket in your sleeping bag sack as a pillow) to lighten your load. Outer layers of clothes can often be worn multiple days, but base layers like socks should be changed daily. Extra gear can be left in your car to keep your load light but have it in case of emergency. It is a 30 minute roundtrip walk from the campsites to the trailhead where we will park.

It will be muddy so plan on getting dirty. As the trip approaches, we may adjust dates if weather conditions are too cold or wet at Forest Glen. We will make that decision on Monday morning.

Friday, March 19, 2021
8:30am Meet at Holy Cross
9:00am Depart for Forest Glen
10:00am Arrive at Forest Glen Visitors Center
10:15am Hike (~2 mi)
12:15pm Lunch at the Nature Center
12:45pm Hike (~3 mi)
3:45pm Arrive at camp
4:15pm Day hikers depart for Holy Cross
5:00pm Dinner

Saturday, March 20, 2021
8:00am Breakfast
9:00am Hike (~2 mi)
11:00am Lunch at Group Campgrounds
11:30am Hike (~2.5 mi)
2:00pm Arrive at Observation Tower
2:30pm Hike (~2 mi)
4:30pm Arrive at camp
5:00pm Dinner

Sunday, March 21, 2021
8:00am Breakfast
9:00am Break camp
10:00am Depart for Holy Cross
    Alternative: Explore the nearby former BSA Camp Cherokee Hills from 10:30am-12:30pm
11:00am Arrive at Holy Cross

Preview the Trail

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