Klondike 2022

 On January 29, scouts from Troop 9 and 2019 attended the yearly Klondike Derby event. The theme for the event this year was “Chasing the Signs of the Yeti!” For Klondike, troops are put in groups to learn and complete scout-skilled activities. Most activities involve teamwork and bonding between the scouts. For almost every event, there is an award given to the troop that completes the activity the fastest. Some activities could be building a fire, tying different knots, completing an obstacle course and many more. Klondike is a great event for new scouts to learn their essential scout skills. 

After all the troops have completed their activities, they head over to Hickory Haven field for the Klondike Derby Race. For the race, troops must build a sled out of wood to slide across the snow. If there is no snow, troops can add wheels to their sleds. This year, no wheels were needed, because indeed there was snow.  All had a great time.

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