2018 Klondike Derby

The 2018 Klondike Derby is this weekend January 26-28

Troop 9 Scouts will compete in Scout Skill activities in program areas at Camp Drake.

The day ends with the big Derby Race where each patrol races their sled down the plateau.  It's a ton of fun to watch!

Permission slips and packing lists were emailed last week.  You can find them linked below.

Departure Plan:
Friday January 26
Load trailer: 5:00pm
Hit the road: 5:30pm (approx)

Return Plan: 
Sunday January 28, 9:00am (approx)

Current Roster
We have 15 Scouts on the roster with 8 adults attending.  The roster will be emailed.

Permission Slips & Medical Forms
Scouts must have permission slip, payment, and parts A & B of the BSA medical form completed and turned in by the time we leave Friday or they may not participate in the event.

Weather and Packing List
It is supposed to be in the 40's and probably rainy.  Here are some additional packing suggestions:
  • Pack your gear in a plastic tote to keep clothing dry
  • Pack your sleeping bag in a small garbage bag to help keep it dry
Extra gear to pack:
  • Rain boots / galoshes
  • Extra pairs of thick wool/polyester blend socks to change throughout the weekend (at least 4 pairs)
  • Poncho or rain coat with a hood
  • Rain pants
  • Warm hat to wear under your hood
  • Extra pair of gloves to wear after the Derby events

Link to Packing List

Link to Permission Form

Link to BSA Health Form

Link to How to Sleep Warm

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